CinéDesign 3 : Conversation Piece [2022]


The CineDesign 3 - Conversation Piece event is a sequel to two academic events previously organized by the LLA-CRÉATIS research unit from the Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès. Following the creation of the CineDesign research group, a first two-days conference was organized in Toulouse in 2016 by Irène Dunyach and Saul Pandelakis. The event aimed at seizing cinema and design in a common transdisciplinary approach, assessing how the two disciplines could complement each other, and starting a fruitful conversation around their common and divergent methodologies and research tools.

CineDesign 3 - Conversation Piece will unravel in several events between May and July 2022. Our goal is to use this narrowed time frame to nourish our reflexion while changing the scope of the analysis - each city bringing a new vista on the key concepts of relationships and connections.

The first session, Close Encounters, will take place in May in Barcelona, in ELISAVA from April 26th to May 6th 2022 and will be organized by Guim Espelt Estopà and Daniele Porretta. This event will introduce the general theme and develop the key concepts: encounters as ways to question our identities and design practices.
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The second session, Family Matters, will take place in Toulouse on June 2-3rd 20222 and will be organized by Saul Pandelakis & Irène Dunyach, taking a privileged standpoint on connections as family making. These two sessions will be accompanied and nourished by other events, like workshops, which will serve as experimental moments to question connections, both by design and by cinema. CineDesign 3 - Conversation Piece will address the vast subject of making connections and building relationships: a subject that is now forever changed with the COVID global pandemic.
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